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Walking Point by R.J. Nevens, Jr.


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A marine is always faithful. So is man's best friend. Walking Point is an empowering tale of love, loss, and victory centered around a young private in the marines and his donated canine companion, the heroic Duke. A seventeen year old John Markle reluctantly leaves his widowed father behind and enlists in the marines with no real plan until he meets Emily, a charming Dogs for Defense trainer. She quickly steals his heart but before they know it he is shipped off from Camp Lejeune and on his way to liberate Guam from the clutches of the Japanese Empire. Forming friendships along way, Private Markle learns to cope with the heartache and horrors of battle in the Pacific with Duke by his side. Letters from Emily and a ten year old patriotic boy, Tommy, whose family donated Duke, help him maintain hope even though his fight for survival has him and his platoon questioning their actions and moral compass.

Autographed copy. Paperback 247 pages.