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United States Air Force Ornaments


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Highlighting the United States Air Force Logo, this unique collectible depicts the official symbol of the Air Force, the “Arnold” wings, and star with circle. The core elements have been modernized to reflect the swiftness and power of the Air Force through air and space. The symbol is surrounded by a circle of olive branches, which signify peace. Also available is the seal the United States Air Force, this unique collectible includes the primary colors of the seal, ultramarine blue, and gold derived from the Air Corps. The thirteen stars adorning the inner circle signify the original states, while the bald eagle, a widely recognized symbol of the US, denotes our strength. The shield is divided by a nebula line formation of clouds and the heraldic thunderbolt, which represents US striking power in the air.

Each ornament is beautifully handcrafted in the USA from solid brass, is finished in 24 karat gold, screen printed with exquisite color and packaged in an elegant window box.