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Texas and Texans in World War II


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Several years ago, while writing the entry for Texas in World War II for the "New Handbook of Texas," Ralph Wooster was struck by the fact that no overall study of Texas and Texans in the second world war had been written. While a number of articles and monographs have been published concerning individual Texans and groups of Texans (such as the 36th Division and the "Lost Battalion"), he could find no published work that covered the activities of all Texans both at home and abroad during the war. Since his military service 50 years ago, Wooster has continued to be interested in the second world war. While his primary historical specialization is the American Civil War, he has taught a course on World War II for nearly 40 years. Writing the essay for Texas in World War II for the "New Handbook of Texas" convinced him to do a book on the subject. The book is dedicated to the American men and women who fought in the war. They are truly the great generation to whom we owe a debt that can never be repaid.

Paperback : 266 pages