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Single Personalized Dog Tag


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In World War II (1939-1945), military service members were issued a rectangular-shaped identification tag, similar to today, with a notch on its bottom edge. It was during World War II the nickname “dog tags” was adopted, but it’s likely the nickname dates back as far as Thomas Jefferson. He wrote the first dog license law in the state of Virginia, requiring dog owners to identify their dogs. The purpose of the law was to identify specific dogs responsible for the slaughter of a farmer’s sheep and hold their owners accountable for their actions. Thus, the dog tag has its origins dating back to the founding of America and has become an important part of military culture since the American Civil War. Meanwhile, military service members during World War II began to use tape or black silicone to silence the “clinking” sound the tags made as they walked with them hung around their necks.

This item consists of one personalized tag, choice of silencer color on 24" chain.