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Jungle Survival Manual



During the Second World War, Allied soldiers fought to survive not only encounters with the enemy but the landscape they found themselves in. Being posted to Southeast Asia and the Pacific to fight the Japanese meant soldiers had to learn to survive in the tropics, fighting and living in endless steamy jungle and perilous swamps. In this alien environment, men had to be able to take care of themselves rather than relying on their unit to supply their needs, something that did not come naturally to the many soldiers born and raised in cities.

To help them, the British and US armies produced a number of official training manuals and guides explaining how to identify and fight the Japanese and avoid their deadly punji traps, as well as “jungle lore”:

How to find and cook plants that were safe to eat

Which animals and insects could kill them

How to identify and treat tropical illnesses and diseases

How to avoid the dangers of polluted water and cannibals

The Jungle Survival Manual brings together the official manuals and information that enabled the Allies to fight in Burma, Malaya, Thailand, Indochina, Singapore, and the Pacific Islands—and win the war.

Includes diagrams and drawings reproduced from the original guides.