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Hell Yes I'd Do It Again by T. Fred Harvey


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Hell Yes, I'd Do It Again by T. Fred Harvey is an emotional and fascinating wild ride with a man who has experienced more adventures than most of us can even imagine. This Revised Edition having the sky blue cover is expanded with new chapters on his life not included in the earlier book. It also contains many more photos and updates on stories from his earlier memoir.

Mr. Harvey is a native Texan born in a tent alongside the RR tracks of the Texas Panhandle town of Memphis. Most of his hardscrabble youth was spent in Odessa from where he enlisted in the U.S. Marines in 1942 after quitting high school. He became a Paramarine in the 1st Parachute Battalion in some of the early Pacific Campaigns before transferring into a 5th Marine Division Assault Squad on Iwo Jima. His buddies referred to him as a "3 Grenade Marine" surviving months in a full body cast. After Medical Discharge he would earn a Masters Degree from West Texas State University in 1951 but only receive a high school diploma over 65 years later when the Odessa Superintendent of Schools read a copy of his book. Following a career coaching football and teaching around the world in Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, Korea, Turkey, Okinawa, and even Italy he became an author.