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My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook 1941: A Nostalgic Collection of Memories


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History comes alive in this award-winning WW II scrapbook, bursting with old photos, maps, telegrams, newspaper clippings, hand-written notes and letters! Experience the tragedy of the 1941 Pearl Harbor attack in a completely new way including 5 unique fold-out pages expanding the story. These colorful scrapbook-style pages are jam-packed with stunning visuals and prized nostalgia of the era.

Treasured collections of ephemera, pins, buttons, watches and medals from the 1940’s illustrate each page and stir the imagination. Told in “bite-sized” pieces, this history book is exciting to read for all audiences. “My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook 1941. A Nostalgic Collection of Memories” is an “adventure in learning” uncovering the essential details of the Pearl Harbor story.

Paperback 104 pages